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Nigeria : A future or none?

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Happy independence day Nigerians!!!! Today I am giving you double doze of shughar!!! lol. There is also a freebie for the first two people to answer the questions I asked correctly (you have to listen to the audio post and comment here or tweet @jjshughar). The freebie is a movie ticket to see Oct 1st (a movie by Kunle Afolayan) or an airtime voucher of your choice.
The written piece is one that I have kept for months because I planned to post it today; please enjoy and say something about it.


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“Nigerian democracy: a government of “some” people , by “some” people and for “some” people. ”

The government is not solely responsible for the country’s current situation neither is it the only body responsible or required to make those changes we crave so badly.

Nigeria is made up of not just selfish but self-centered rather than selfless people. Change should start from each individual gradually until it encompasses all. Nelson Mandela was not a whole body of government before he made an impact on and implemented changes in South Africa, and even beyond. We need to start by thoroughly examining our individual conscience. We all can differentiate between right/wrong yet we enthusiastically rush to embrace wrong knowing fully well the consequences of our actions and totally ignoring them.

“It seems for years or all too long, politics has been concerned with right or left instead of right or wrong” (Richard Armour). That radical revolution we’ve all been waiting for involves each and every one us. America was not built in a day. We need to own up to our wrong and stop making excuses for our shortcomings. If I take the right decisions today and you tow the right path that leads to right choices and she takes the right decisions as well, then I believe we’re ready for that radical change. “A liberal is a man,woman or child who looks forward to a better day, a more tranquil night and a bright infinite future” ( Leonard bernstein). Considering the fact that we are still looking forward to better days and our nights are nothing close to tranquil, coupled with a rather very predictable gloomy future, we should ask ourselves if we are truly liberal.

It has become inevitable and of utmost importance for the Nigerian political system to undergo total and thorough cleansing. A corrupt trend was born, nurtured and has completely taken over the political system and the only way to break through this trend is to totally expurgate it through our electoral decisions.
Facts be facts and truth be told, the future of the country to a large extent lies in the hands of the masses. If we continue to vote/elect misguided, self-centred, corrupt, fickle and fible minded individuals as leaders, then our liberation is far-fetched. We not only suffer from “politikal kwashiokwor” but also from a sardonically destructive mindset.

It is high time we broke out of our thought restrictions and indulge in positive decision-making thoughts. Foremost, we need to rescue ourselves from the preposterous misconception and stop referring to our natural resources as ‘national cake’ that everyone has to have a bite of. If we have good roads, stable electricity, better security system, improvised educational system and equal distribution of infrastructural facilities, what better way is there to have a share of our ‘national cake’ ?

Even though the system has deluded us into thinking our electoral decisions should be based on tribal/religious superiority, we need to get over the folly and apply wisdom. If an igbo man is what it takes to get good roads and stable electricity supply, why not vote for him? If a yoruba man would ensure your security and safety, why not vote for him? If that hausa man will ensure job creation and financial independence, why not put him in that office? You know very well that your igbo brother /yoruba uncle/ hausa kin will increase your misery, why vote for him under obnoxious reasons? Putting your children’s lives at risk to prove that Biafra is a nation, endangering your own life and future to prove that Yoruba and hausas are the founding fathers of Nigeria, is atrocious. We need to get over our sentiments and stop blaming religion and ethnicity for our weaknesses and wrong doing.

An average of 70% out of hundred, if asked what he /she would do if in position of authority would blatantly tell you ” me sef go chop this money oo” before anything else is simply outrageous but then they can’t be blamed. Our leaders have made it legal to embezzle funds. Nigeria is that place where you defraud the country of billions and billions of national funds without fear because all you get is bail rather than a jail sentence. Remember Diepreye Alameisegh former governor of Bayelsa who was granted a presidential pardon? And those militants (criminals) granted amnesty? Then our president advised us to “learn from the citizens of other countries who do not blame their government for terrorists acts”. Sir, I will boldly correct that the government of other countries do not push their responsibilities around, rather, they take on the blames and full responsibilities for their weaknesses and its results. The only sin we’re guilty of is not seeing through the supposed “transparent propaganda” and trusting you with our national security and our future as a whole.

I think it is high time we pushed for our ‘law makers’ to implement a rule for all politicians to stipulate their income before, upon assumption and expiry of political office; counsellors, chairmen, senators, governors, house of representative members and the president inclusive.

A reasonable retirement age stipulation should reduce the problem of unemployment . Imagine that ludicrous requirement of ASUU to have retirement age put forward to 70. Please do we (unemployed graduates) have to kill you to take over your jobs? Entrepreneural encouragement is not the only method of creating jobs. Kill two birds with a stone: Build more schools; more jobs and better education. Build more hospitals; more jobs and an improvement in the health sector. Encourage innovations, support Nigerian scientists; more jobs and increase in technology development. Encourage, support and put in more funds into agriculture; less unemployed and more food.

The moment we start undergoing process of being registered members and residents of the country as a security measure, perhaps we will experience a breakthrough in our security sector. As if the kidnap was not enough, the Nigerian Army decided to charge a fee of #2500 for recruitment. Is that a joke or what? Are we to be made to pay to render our services to our country knowing fully well that we are putting our lives on the line? And most especially not at a time when the country needs young mind and able bodies.

Elections are coming up, we will troop out to welcome and vote for yet another clueless individual to fill in the empty seats. We’re not children that should be offered cookies in exchange for our freedom , tubers of yam in exchange for our security, bags of rice in exchange for good education and employment. That cookie, that tuber of yam, that bag of rice won’t last forever and with its end comes the dawn of a higher degree of hunger, improvised insecurity, unemployment and whatever else we have to deal with. We think voting is our civil right? I laugh at that cruel joke because our right to vote was taken away from us a long time ago and replaced by c aricature system of voting. Thank God voting is atleast a voluntary exercise, if we refuse to vote for another hypocrite, its not too much a sacrifice to make for our own liberation. We need to empower ourselves, we need to educate, rejuvenate, strategise and above all unite to make a better place out of the shards left of “our” Naija.

“Our single most important challenge is therefore to help establish a social order in which the freedom of the individual will truly mean the freedom of the individual. We must construct that people-centred society of freedom in such a manner that it guarantees the political liberties and the human rights of all our citizens.”
Nelson Mandela (1918 -2013)

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Written by Adedoyinsola
Twitter: @doyeenOblack

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