My Perfect Love-part 2 (18+)

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My Perfect Love

Everyday spent apart was more of torture. I couldn’t defy orders even though I wanted to, orders were orders. I looked for the fastest way to get to her and most affordable but it just seemed everything was against me. Nothing was simple and thus I had to bear. Different ladies came by and went, I didn’t even do as much as think of looking at them because she had me real bad. My mind was strictly on her I would have given anything to be with her.

Days turned to weeks, and to months and it was like I wouldn’t see her anytime soon. I took solace in d fact that each passing day was a day bringing me closer to her. Then we caught a break! The army needed us to fall back and regroup; reorganized and relaxed. I took it as my golden chance but to my dismay my commanding officer told me I had to stay for two more weeks as everyone cannot fall back, somebody has to hold the wall. Was that the price I had to pay for being efficient? I wept deeply in my heart because I wanted to spend d entire time with her.

I finally had a break and I hopped on the next available bus towards her and arrived safely in the evening. She was caught up at work that day and she couldn’t see me. I was so so disappointed but I was thankful that I would still see her. The next day I woke up wit joy in my mind knowing that my angel was coming.

I can’t remember the morning, all I remember is that I got a phone call from her and she was at the junction. I hurried out expecting one of dose movie-like hugs were the person sees you and runs from afar. Well, I didn’t get that because of traffic and all. I saw her in a purple shirt and blue jeans, hair a little messed up but she was still looking amazing. I gave her a tight hug and it was like I shouldn’t let her go.

We spent all day together, she nursed my wounds from the battlefield and kissed me. I was happy, so freaking happy! We got entangled in our love and before you know it we hit the bedroom nice and easy. My hands were all over her; I was starving for her. She also kissed me deeply and then and there, I knew there wasn’t anybody else for me. Time stopped moving, I was in my universe once again and she was the center. I was erect and she gently slid her hand down my pant and caressed me down there.

I still remember the warmth of her hand, a feeling I just couldn’t stop. She unzipped my pants, bent down gently and nicely sucked my penis; it was awesome!!!. It wasn’t the first time I had gotten a blow job but she was just awesome. We turned and changed positions, I removed her top and was transfigured by her breasts; fair, nice breasts, lovely nipples and then I went down on her. She wore a lovely thong with an opening just around her cunt. I slid my fingers there, felt it, rubbed it and then I went down. The pussy was wet but I didn’t care. She was amazed and I guess loved me more for that. It was more of 69 and switching turns but either ways it was magical and as usual all good things come to an end. That magical moment will last with me till I die.

That was the fastest week of my life and also the sweetest. I couldn’t have wished for any other thing than for it to last forever. The battlefield was calling and I had to resume at my post. I went back fully sad leaving my princess behind, not knowing if I will die in battle or if I will ever see her again. The battle went on and on. Time was always against me and I just couldn’t stop thinking of her. I only wanted for to share moments with her; put a ring on her finger .

The battle began to take its toll on my artillery; fire here and there, injuries, pains and all, but in all things I went through, she was my motivation to move forward. I don’t know if she ever knew this because I no I didn’t tell her. I would wake up every morning, thankful that I was still alive, look at her picture and smile. She got me through d days. I stayed away from her longer than I had stayed away from anyone I had loved. Something I hoped never to happen again.

The blood and cries of the women and children started to affect me and I started to take it out on her like it was her fault. She was faultless but I was shattered by the war and the distance. Thoughts of abandoning my post always came to mind but she couldn’t meet me at the nearest spot as it wasn’t just feasible for her. I was just too egocentric to see that. Gradually my actions were pushing her away but I kept on blaming her seriously. I don’t know how she kept up with all my bluntness and cruelty but she did.

Fast forward to a few months, the war was over and I was happy. I was extremely happy that I was going to be in her arms and she in mine as the worst part of our relationship was over. The best was yet to come or so I thought and hoped. I got back and a couple of days passed before we saw and when we finally saw I hugged her and lifted her up. She whispered in my ears that she had missed me so much and I told her the worst had gone and I am hers now and forever. She could do with me as she pleased. I took her to the room and we spent quality time.

Little did I know that my past actions will catch up with me later on. Shortly after, I don’t recall exactly how it went totally wrong but my crap came up to catch up wit me and she gave me a call, telling me how “it just can’t work out between us” and stupidly, I didn’t say anything at that moment. That would have been a defining moment to tell her how much I loved her and needed her but I just shut up, swallowed my spit and let it go.

I am not saying it would have changed anything but it might have made a swell impact. Now I’m drinking liquor continuously under emotional torture and pain. I really do love this girl and want her and I’m ready to do anything for me to be her prince charming. I really can’t blame her because she didn’t wanna get her heart broken anymore. With the way I feel at the moment if given a second, final chance, I will be the greatest fool to have ever worked the earth to mess it up wit my arrogance and pride. They say if u love someone, you should do what is best for them and makes them happy. I wish I did all that, then I won’t have the regrets now . I love her so much but I can’t bear to let her go. Does letting the one you love walk away actually show your love for the person or cowardice? Love and life are not fair neither is any easy but I will do my best to get her heart. I just hope it is not too late because she is the best thing that has happened to me and I JUST CAN’T LET IT END LIKE THAT.

The End.

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  1. DR Nwax November 28, 2014 at 10:33 am -  Reply

    Hian! Image pornography oh! Ewwooo!!

    • shughar December 8, 2014 at 2:01 pm -  Reply

      Lmaooooo! You did not see that on shughar o

  2. esibobbie November 26, 2014 at 7:23 am -  Reply

    This jennifer has spoil finish. She’s now spoiling we her kids.

  3. Genro November 25, 2014 at 6:44 pm -  Reply

    Chai…..the tears from my eyes has drowned my phone……you never know the value of a thing or person until they are no more (not death ooo)…..oga army…still try your luck but men….e no go easy….shughar…nice work!!

  4. November 25, 2014 at 4:19 pm -  Reply

    madam, ogini?
    what is the past? :s

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