Letters to God

Letters to God (X)

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Letters to God
Letters to God
Letters to God
Letters to God

Letters to God
Letters to God
Letters to God
Letters to God
Letters to God


“Kekere, Kekere!” he heard someone scream his name as he made his move to attack Tayo who was finding it difficult to open his car door as a result of his confused state. Kekere paused at the sound of his name and quickly made a sharp turn as he hid the knife he was holding so as not to draw unnecessary attention to himself.
“Na when person wan busy dem go dey call person anyhow?” he murmured as he lingered on his toes to catch sight of who it was that shouted his name. He is outstandingly short; the non-complicated story behind his nickname – Kekere.

“Na Rabiu sha. Chai,” he bit is lips hard, “wetin this bobo dey find? Na so he come call me when I dey fuck last night. Na me go kill am.” He forced his way between the flowers not caring about the hard work the horticulturist who planted it had done, destroying one of the flowers in the process.

“Ehn en, Rabiu wetin happen,” he questioned. Rabiu who didn’t realize Kekere had arrived behind him was startled at the jingle of his voice. After Sly, Kekere is the most dreaded tout in that hood; he is always tasked with dirty responsibilities, if he isn’t making the kill or leading the fight squad, then he is in jail; his favorite holiday spot. He is friends with the policemen on his street.

Rabiu answered Kekere, panting as he spoke, “Baba Sly say make I update you say make you abort the mission.”
“For why na?” Kekere retorted.
“As I dey reason you so ehn, black scout don hear to the matter and dem go soon land here.” Black scout – that’s what they call policemen; the name is relative to their mockery opinion that they are simply Boy Scouts in a different uniform. As far as they are concerned, policemen only camp on roads; making road block with woods and tyres while receiving bribe.

“Shoo, shey na local or special?” Kekere asked Rabiu.
“Na them Rambo o,” Rabiu responded, “Kekere, you dey hear the sound of the instrumental?” he continued. Instrumental was their word for siren. Kekere nodded his head to affirm the urgency of the situation and they both jogged out of the hospital premises. They are never scared of the local police, but Rambo – SARS (Special Anti Robbery Squad) officials – they don’t dare.

Tayo slammed the car door after him as he waited for Osato; she walked sluggishly towards the car. Too much had happened in a day and so she wasn’t sure if going home with Tayo was the right thing to do. What if he wasn’t going home? After all Johnson is still missing.

“Are you going to get into this car while we go out and look for my son or would you rather have me drag you into it?” Tayo yelled at her, not minding the attention he was calling to himself as he had passersby cast rhetorical looks on him.

Osato couldn’t restrain any further, Tayo had been totally unpredictable today, and she should rightly be blamed for that. It was wise to avoid another drama, and so she hastened. Tayo pushed the ignition the moment Osato was seated in the car. He dragged the car gear two steps backward to put it in the reverse motion and navigated his way out of where he had packed.

“Tayo!” he heard someone scream name from afar, he kept his leg on the brake and looked through the rear mirror to see who was calling. It was Mr. Idemili, he was now walking faster so as to catch up with them. The sudden chaos had beclouded the joy of the day; no one except Mr. Idemili cared about Osahon who had put to bed earlier. The series of events that unfolded has formatted such a beautiful memory from their brains.

“Is Johnson alright?” asked Emeka who had now arrived beside Tayo’s car. Neither of them answered him, and so he asked again “Is my grandson alright?”
“I think she is in the right position to answer those questions Mr. Idemili,” Tayo blurted out as he gave Osato a disgusting look.

“Daddy, Johnson is missing,” declared Osato.
“Missing? How? I mean, you said you left him in the house. What do you mean by he is missing? Is this a joke or something?” Emeka asked confusedly.

“Dad, Musa took him away,” Osato muttered,
“Took who away? Why? Where? Wh..”

“Permit me to help her sir,” Tayo cuts in rudely, “Your daughter, I mean Osato, has been sleeping with Musa.”
“What?” Emeka exclaimed,
“Yes. So, Musa thinks he is the father of my kids, your grand kids.”

“Osato, what is this irritating allegation that is being laid against you?” Emeka gave Osato a question mark look.
She rubbed her hand on her lap as she attempted to answer, “Dad…dy.”

“Wait a minute. Why is your Jean soaked in blood or am I mistaken? Where is Osaso?”

“Daddy, Osaso is in coma,”
“What do you mean? Where is she?”

“She is in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) sir,” Tayo replied him diplomatically.

Emeka opened his mouth in surprise, he couldn’t comprehend what was wrong; John died, Johnson is missing, and now Osaso is in the ICU, “what is wrong with her?” he asked.

The couple looked at themselves in disappointment and with remorse as they answered in synchrony, “she slipped and hit her head.” The first thing they had agreed on since the misfortune started. What could they have said?
Emeka shook his head in disbelief and then spontaneously yelled at the both of them, “will both of you get out of that car and take me to my daughter now!”

Clueless, Tayo opened the car door grudgingly and stepped outside; Osato sat back in the car. It was getting dark already, but she didn’t want to be seen with blood stains all over her body.
As Emeka and Tayo got set to make their way for the ICU, they were accosted by two men who were dressed in Red polo tops which had SARS written on it and jean. Both men hung AK47 rifle on their shoulder; one of them, a bald man with a Herbert Macaulay mustache was quick to introduce himself.

“I am Inspector Farouk Alade. Chief Scorpion of Lagos State SARS. Which one of you is Mr. Emeka Idemili?” he directed the question at both men.

“I am,” Emeka responded, and then asked Farouk “how can I help you?”

Farouk smiled mischievously and faced Tayo, “then you must be Awotayo Coker.”
“Yes, I am Awotayo Coker,” Tayo gutted out.
Inspector Farouk whistled with his mouth as he beckoned to three other officers from the Toyota Hilux van they came in.

Emeka was swift to ask, “What is going on here inspector?”
“The both of you are being arrested for conspiracy and murder of George Elliot, anything you say or do can or will be used against you in the court of law.”
Farouk turned to his officers and concluded, “Cuff their hands, they are highly dangerous.”

Written by Olufemi Fragile

Next episode same time next week.

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