Letters to God

Letters to God (VIII)

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Letters to God 1
Letters to God 1
Letters to God 1
Letters to God 1
Letters to God 1

Tayo tore the letter into two and burst into laughter as he dropped the pieces on the floor. He dipped historic hands into his trouser pocket and staggered towards the bar in the visitor’s room to pour himself few shots of Jack Daniels. The girls sat; Osaso kept a gaze on the face of Osato with the hope that she’ll get an explanation. Osato buried her face in her palms; the tears of John’s demise had run dry; the worry about Johnson’s sudden disappearance didn’t even last for a minute. She was drowning in her own sweat; she had gone from sad to being ashamed. Tayo suddenly got tired of drinking from the cup; he grabbed the bottle of Jack and began to pour its content into his mouth. Osaso knew well not to go near him; neither of the girls has ever seen him that way, but they didn’t need to be told that his renitence meant anger. Thirty minutes passed, and the whole house remained silent. Osato had her head bowed in shame while Osaso just sat transfixed.

“I have to go and get Mark and Brian from the crèche now, it’s past four already,” Osaso said to no one in particular. Perhaps she thought that was the best way to get herself out of the messy situation, and give Osato the chance to explain whatever happened to Tayo. One thing was certain; she wasn’t ready to gamble with her own kids; that will be declaring an uncontrollable conflagration in the family. As she attempted to stand up from beside Osato where she was seated Tayo slammed the bottle of Jacky which was now empty on the floor and screeched,

“Osaso sit down before I let out my fury on you! I am trying to curb this protruding evil, please do not push me. Sit back down before I make you do so,” Tayo yelled on as he stood up from stool and approached the girls.

“Osaso, ask your sister where my son is. I deserve an explanation, don’t I?” he laughed in mockery and continued,
“I mean, I need to know why Musa of all people; Musa my gateman. Ah! Musa has been sleeping with my supposed wife” – Tayo’s hands began to tremble in synchrony with his voice – “God knows how many times that has happened under my nose and I didn’t even suspect.”

“Tell me Osaso, do you know about this? Were you girls waiting for me to find out? Perhaps, you were covering your sister’s iniquity. This is wickedness.”

“Tayo calm down, I’m sure there’s an explanation for this,” Osaso cuts in,

“Do not tell me to calm down” Tayo retorted, “I deserve an explanation and I want it now before I do something!” he screamed and startled both girls, especially Osato who was finding it very difficult to express herself; each time she attempted to utter a word she ended up swallowing her saliva. The look on her face denoted shamefulness.

Tayo took giant strides as he walked back to the bar to retrieve a handy piece of the broken bottle. “Will you start talking or do I have to use this?” he pointed the bottle at Osato.

“Tayo calm down” Osaso pleaded,

“Tell that to your miserable whore of a sister” – he waved the broken bottle at Osato’s face – “have you been having sex with Musa?”

“I am sorry,” Osato muttered

“You are sorry? Sorry for what?” Tayo Questioned, “For my dead son or his missing brother? For your adulterous behavior? Sorry for what exactly?” he slammed the bottle against the wall just above Osato’s head.

“Okay!” Osato finally found her voice,

“I did have sex with Musa, but it only happened twice, but I am sure the boys are not his.”

“Oh! I see, having sex with him severally would have given him a fair chance,” Tayo countered

Osaso surprisingly cuts in, “Osato, why would you do such? Why?”

“I was cold and horny and, a-and it just happened. I am sorry.” Osato pleaded guiltily with light tears romancing her soft cheek as she spoke.

“There’s nothing to forgive Osato, absolutely nothing. I should have known better; I should have known that you are just a messy piece of tissue paper. Why did I expect better from a girl that slipped into my bed disguising as her twin sister. I should have known that you are a chameleon; a slimy sleepy sloppy creature.”

“Tayo that isn’t fair,” Osaso intruded.

“Oh, that isn’t fair. Perchance Musa was also doing the same to you. Abi?” Tayo gave her a rhetorical look,

“Hell no!” Osaso refuted,

“Then do not tell me that I am not being fair,” Tayo shouted at her, “The first time she was cold and horny; that is miserably understandable but very questionable. What happened the second time? He fucked her so well the first time and she went back begging him for more.”

He faced Osato and yelled at her letting out a large chunk of saliva that caught her face, “wasn’t that what happened?”

Osato fell on her knee and held Tayo’s leg echoing “Please forgive me, I love you.” He kicked her off, slapped his face hard, conceivably to wake himself up from the nightmare, “Osato why? Why? Why?” he made a fist with his left hand in an attempt to hit her, but he couldn’t bring himself to.

Osaso moved two steps closer to him,

“Tayo, I am sure we can sort this out. This isn’t the time to get angry, let us channel this energy into bringing Johnson home before it is too late. I am sure Musa is still somewhere around. We might find someone who knows his whereabouts. Please, be patient.” She took another step towards him, placing her directly on the scattered pieces of the bottle.

“Osaso, please stop trying to patronize me,” Tayo responded

“I am not trying to patronize you dear; I am only giving the best suggestion. Let us find our child first.”

“Okay, I pray we find him. I hope we find Johnson soon; else I am going to devour this daughter of a whore alive. That’s how your mother bore you after all, creeping into another man’s bed.”

“Tayo, how dare you insult my mother?” Osato blasted Tayo as she stood up to him,

“Tayo that isn’t fair” Osaso supported her sister. Osato raised her hand to shove Tayo aside; he reacted by slapping her hand away. Osato rushed several blows into his chest; Tayo got angry and pushed her back to the couch where she had been sitting. As soon as her bum hit the couch she endeavored to stand up again; Osaso realize the scene could get ugly, and so she tried to stop her sister.

“No, let the whore beat me,” Tayo demanded and pushed Osaso out of the way in order to allow Osato enjoy the display of her madness. Osaso lost her stamina; her sandal slipped on the shattered bottle and “gbam” she hit her head on the floor with a loud sound that could only mean a crack. She started bleeding.

Written by Oluwasegun Olufemi
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