Letters to God

Letters to God (IX)

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Letters to God
Letters to God
Letters to God
Letters to God
Letters to God
Letters to God
Letters to God
Letters to God

Tayo drove with great anger and intensity that denoted the emergency at hand, initially it was a light smoke, and then suddenly the fire made manifest its presence; Tayo stepped on the accelerating pedal of his car as the speed rose to 160km/hr. He couldn’t concentrate on the road as he turned his head to look at dying Osaso at intervals. “What have I done?” he murmured to himself as tears rolled down his cheek, and then persuaded Osaso,
“Baby, please stay with me. I am sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you, pleaseee.”

He made a sharp drift to avoid the traffic that was ahead and swerved off the road. The car tyres bumped on the pedestrian road with Tayo blaring on the car horn to send across a nervy message to the pedestrians to get off their legal way. He cared less about the law he was breaking, all he wanted to do was get Osaso to the hospital in time.
“God please, nothing must happen to my wife,” he prayed as he tried to check on her through the rare mirror. He cared less about Osato who was seated behind him; Osaso’s head on her leg. All that matter to him was his wife’s life, not Osato’s tears that he concluded in his thoughts were crocodile tears. After all, all Osato ever wanted was to have him wholly to herself.

Osato held her sister’s hands as she watched her struggle for her life; Osaso’s eyes were slightly opened, but the bleeding from her head had soaked Osato’s white jean and made it red. She couldn’t utter a word; she just lay there helplessly with tears flooding her innocent eyeballs. Osato realized what was happening and she couldn’t hide her own emotions, she wept on in prayers.

“God please don’t let my sister die. God I’m sorry. Please.” She then looked at dying Osaso pitifully, knowing that she was the primary cause of what was happening; was it fate or misfortune? She pleaded,
“Osaso, please I am sorry. Just hang in there; we will be in the hospital in no time. Just stay alive for me, for Mark and Brian, for mum and dad, for us. Please,” the word ‘please’ echoing in the car with mucous running out of her nose. The first being she bonded with was dying, and they were 15 minutes away from the nearest hospital, she lifted her gaze from Osaso, cast a horrific look on Tayo and screeched,
“Can’t you drive faster? She’s in pains! She’s dying!”

“Don’t you dare shout at me Osato.” Tayo turned around to emphasize every statement he was about to say, paying very little attention to the road.
“If anything happens to my wife, I will hold you responsible for it.”
“So I am not your wife now,”
“You are not my wife, I didn’t marry a whore.”

“Okay, okay! Just drive,” Osato said and gave up on the argument. Tayo faced the screen to see where he was navigating and realized he was driving straight into a canal, he moved the car steering to the right to avoid the foreseen pit and then his right side mirror hit a heavy object that he couldn’t place due to his hastiness. The side fell mirror off, and he heard shouts of “wait, wait. Don’t go,” by some of the people on the street. He just ignored them and drove off, his side mirror wasn’t as important as Osaso.

Tayo looked through the rear mirror again and asked Osato if Osaso was still breathing. Osato replied grudgingly with “yes, but move faster.”
“Hang in there baby, we are almost at the hospital,” Tayo said as he pumped the car brake to reduce his speed as he made a sharp turn to arrive at the street of their proposed destination. On their arrival, he wasn’t patient enough to turn off the ignition; he just halted the car by slamming the brake and pulling the hand brake. He rushed into the emergency ward to get the nurses who brought a wheel bed to get Osaso from the car.Three minutes after distorted series of examination on Osaso by a doctor; the doctor concluded that she had to be operated on urgently.
“She has lost so much blood. As it stands, the level of damage is unclear, but I can tell you that her brain has been badly affected. From my observation I can tell that her sense organs are not responding; perhaps as a result of the shock. She needs a surgery, and she needs it now.”

“Doctor, do all you can,” Tayo implored the doctor who was already heading for the theatre.
“Doctor please save my sister,” Osato said in tears as if to mean doctors are gods; they only try, once death is inevitable, there’s nothing they can do. Abi?” The couple waited.

He carried her into the emergency ward screaming, “Doctor!” A nurse came rushing down towards him, “what happened to her?”
“We been dey street, nah in one mumu driver clear am comot road,” a man in his late thirties replied, breathing heavily with every word he said.
“Oya put her on that bed,” the nurse who seems nicer that the average Nigerian nurse pointed to a bed in the corner of the room.

“I will give your sister first aid treatment, but she will have to wait to see the doctor for further observations,”
“Nurse, abegna, she nor be my sister, na street we help am, she dey die. Treat am now nowna,” the man countered ungentlemanly.
“The doctors are attending to a patient that needs surgery, there’s no one here to attend to her. I can see she is still breathing, she will be fine.”
“Okay nurse. But make I clear you, boys dey outside hospital gate deypara. If this babe die, if she peme, nah in be say yawa don gas.”

“I can assure you that she won’t die,” the nurse assured him diplomatically, but he wasn’t satisfied, “if that babe die, the hospital no go rest. Make God just dash me that bastard driver, make I wound am. Ehn, dem wan kee us finish abi. We no get car but we for this street dey wound anything. Na me Sly talk am,” He exited the emergency ward, and walked towards his peeps, while the nurse went ahead to clean the victim’s wound; from her assessment she would pull through, but the pain she was suffering was inevitable.

Sly waited with his goons outside as they anticipated the doctor’s report. When he told them she hadn’t been attended to they almost created a fuss, but he was quick to calm their nerves,
“Make una never mad. If she die, na me Sly go mad pass,” he told them. He was the most feared tout on his street; he had been in many fights and slept in the jail severally. One of his legs is short; a life scar from a fight, but that hasn’t stopped him from causing other troubles. He is the voice of his street.

After about 15 minutes of waiting, one of his boys brought something to his attention,
“Sly, see double daring,” he approached him, squatting and bending as he demonstrated his amazement.
“Kekere, wetin happen na,” Sly questioned.

“Na that car be that,”Kekere pointed at Tayo’s car. Tayo had hit the lady, but didn’t realize; he was in haste.
“Yeeparipa,” Sly exclaimed, “Kekere, as he be say na you notice am ehn. If the owner of that car comot, tear am knife for belle make you bounce.”
“Okay egbon!” Kekere acknowledged his command.
“Boys, mission don complete for here, make we dey clear,” Sly order the rest of his pack and they quit the hospital premise as they left Kekere lurking behind.

Tayo and Osato who didn’t say a word to one another stood up swiftly from the reception where they were seated the instant they saw the doctor coming out of the operation theatre from afar off. The moment they were few steps close to him Tayo asked,
“Doctor how is my wife?’”
“Coker, Mr. Coker,” Tayo finished up for the doctor who was trying to guess his name.

“Mr. Coker, your wife is okay. The surgery was successful, but there has been a big damage to her brain. We have to be patient enough for her to respond to treatment.”
“Okay, I don’t get. Respond to treatment? I thought you said the surgery was a success.”Tayo asked confusedly,
“Yes, it was. But she is presently unconscious. I mean she’s in a vegetable state. Chances are 10% that she will come around soon, but like I said, we can’t be so sure. She might get lucky. We will keep doing our best, but you need to be patient.”

Osaso cuts in before Tayo could say a word, “Doctor, can I see my sister?” She spoke in tears.
“You don’t need to cry, she will be alright. You can’t see her now, she needs rest.” The doctor concluded and excused himself from their presence. The couple looked at each other with hatred as they climaxed in tears and anger. Tayo left the ward and Osato followed him.

Kekere noticed someone approaching the car, he hid between the neatly trimmed flowers of the hospital environment as he crawled towards the car.The moment he had a close view and saw that the person wasn’t paying attention, he brought out his short knife, and rushed up to Tayo’s car.

Written by Olufemi Fragile; @fragiletimbzz.
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