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Letters to God (III)

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The Idemili family gathered in the dining table for breakfast; the thing to do before going for the Sunday service which commences by 10am; the time was just 8am and so they weren’t in a haste. The couple sat opposite each other on the horizontal end of the table while the sisters sat beside each other adjacent to the parents.

“Sweetheart please pray for us”, Mrs. Idemili persuaded her husband to bless the breakfast. The sisters grumbled, they knew they were in for a long prayer session. Mr. Idemili who has little or no time for his family on week days is cultured to his philosophy of “devote enough time to prayers when the time is available”, an act he often performs on weekends before breakfast.

“Let us join our hands as we pray.” The family joined their hands in conformity to his command, and he went ahead to pray:
Heavenly father, we are gathered here today to say thank you for this provision and beyond. We thank you for your love over this family as you have exercised in your security over us and your provision for us. I thank you for my job; I worship you over my beautiful wife and kids; thank you for rescuing Osaso from that ghastly motor accident, accept our thanks in Jesus Name (Family responded with a big Amen). If we say we have no sins, the bible helps us to understand that we deceive ourselves; we ask that you extend your benevolence towards us and look upon us with mercy. Forgive our iniquities; be it the sin of lying, fornicating, covetousness, and selfishness. We also implore that you forgive our wrong thoughts and any form of spontaneous sin in Jesus name (The family replied with a louder amen, but Osaso’s own was the loudest). Father we ask that you perfect everything concerning us and bless us abundantly: I commit my job into your hands, the pressure in the marketing department these days is much, please secure my position; we also pray that you maximize the profit from my wife’s business and make her brand a force to reckon with. Finally Lord, I pray for my daughters – he smiled and shook his head before continuing – all they have done since you blessed me with them is make me happy; I pray that you reward them with double of such joy and give me the strength to grant all their financial and parental needs, in Jesus name we have prayed (The girls responds with the loudest amen).

Mrs. Idemili stood up to serve her husband while she watched her girls attend to themselves; a breakfast of chips, fried egg and ketchup.

“What is it with the silence on the table these days?” Mr. Idemili questioned as he cast a friendly gaze on Osato and Osaso, but his wife cut in before any of the girls could answer,

“I think I enjoy the silence better; you people can always have your father-children conversation anywhere, but not on my table. In fact anyone who breaks the table rules henceforth will pay a heavy fine by not having the next meal.”

Osato laughed at her in mockery before retorting, “Mummy stop threatening us o, we all know you can’t starve your husband.”

“Okay then, let him break my rule. In fact, I don’t want to hear a word from anyone till after breakfast, break that rule and see me exercise my veto power as the wife of this house,”

“Oh, you this Benin woman, you want to starve your husband,” Mr. Idemili replied before she could say further, and then she countered,

“You this Igbo man, you just broke the rule, no lunch for you.” Osato choked on her meal in silent laughter while Osaso cut in innocently,

“Mummy, I am with you on this one,”

“Thank you daughter, but there is no lunch for you too, you just spoke,”

“Then there should be no lunch for anyone, you just spoke too mummy” Osaso retorted.

A long silence ensued before Mr. Idemili broke out in laughter,

“Sweetness,” he called his wife by her pet name, “you need to see the prank your daughters played on me last night.”

She stared into his eyes while the girls kept a serious gawk at their food and asked, “What have they done this time around?”

“They tried to scare me by telling they were pregnant in unison.Osaso sent me a text the same time Osato was telling it to me, can you imagine?” The girls gazed into each other’s face in grave distress.

His wife voiced her response in laughter, “you could have played along by asking them who was responsible.”

The door bell rings an alarm and Mrs.Idemili still in laughter whispered “Can any of the pregnant girls check who is at the door please?”

They both stood up in hurry to get the door in order to get away from the brewing awkwardness; Osato who was ahead on getting to the corridor got pulled back by Osaso with a swift question,

“Are you seriously pregnant?”

“Yes I am, are you?” Osato replied.

“Positive!” Osaso said nervously and anxiously asked “who is responsible for yours?”

“Who is at the door?” Their mother screamed across the dining room before Osato could answer her sister, Osaso moved to open the door, and there was Tayo standing beside a certain stranger who was neatly dressed in a black jacket and well trimmed jean that made him look smart.

“What are you doing here?” the girls shouted in synchrony and then turned to each other with an intense scream, “what?” ignoring the stranger with him. Tayo just stood there in silence and in awe of the girls.

Mr. Idemili hurried down to the corridor to find Tayo standing with the stranger,

“What’s it with the noise?” he asked the girls before acknowledging the presence of the men standing outside the door,

“Good morning gentlemen. Tayo please who is this gentleman, and why are you here on a Sunday morning?” He inquired cautiously and Tayo replied,

“Good morning sir, I was actually on my way to discuss an important issue with you when I encountered this man at the junction to your street, he asked me for the compound of the Idemilis, and I thought it would be kind to show him since I was headed in the same destination.”

“Morning sir, my name is George Elliot, and I am here to see Osahon Idemili,” the stranger finally lost his silence.

Mr. idemili ushered them in, he knew Tayo, and if the stranger knew his wife by her first name, maybe he was no stranger after all. The girls walked behind them sweating their make-up off.

“Sweetness, someone is here for you,” Mr. Idemili called on his wife who swiftly walked into the living room at the sound of his voice. George stood up the moment he saw her and calmly said,

“Good morning Osahon; been ages, how are you?” Osahon having realized who the uninvited guest was collapsed; Mr. idemili rushed to pick her up before she could hit the floor, calling her name, “Osahon, Sweetness, Osahon.” He then faced George and questioned his presence,

“Who are you and what do you want?”

In response the man reached into his pocket and produced a gun and repeated “my name is George Elliot.”

Written by Femi Fragile (@fragiletimbzz)
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