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Hey people……………… how was ur weekend?mine was ok, I just missed my phone more and I”v finally come to terms that its gone sniff.
ok, i just read something on my favorite blog, the naked convos….it was very funny to me; it’s about how many boyfriends a girl should have.
I listened to an audio clip they put up and almost laughed my small ass out i know its small puleasseee. Mhennnn, girls are not smiling at all. Lemme list out my best responses sef
– Even a system has backup insert shocked smiley
– I saved one as expenses and another as “never a dull moment”
– You have in different places and manage them differently
– Of course the different parties don’t know
– When you sleep around you depreciate; different sperms enter the body when you sleep around.

The interesting thing about the post  is that just two girls said anything about having just one boyfriend. They all seemed to believe that it is legit to have more than more boyfriend. Apart from the funny part where the girl said too many sperms make a girl depreciate, what happened to contracting stuffs from one of these guys and passing it on?
Ok, I’s a little biased about this topic because I dnt believe in having more than one boyfriend. I swear that shiii is crayyyy. lol. I dnt have that kinda liver. Well maybe I just aint smart enough. I also dnt believe in dating a guy for money, hell i dnt even believe in taking money from a guy that aint your husband dodging stones from girls.
Another twist to this story is that some virgins have more than one boyfriend too so for them there’s no fear of getting ‘sweetie’ or the likes.lol. I quite understand the whole ‘dont put all your eggs in one basket’ ish buh seriously????? what if like two of those guys eventually find out that they have all done shii with you and at the same period of time fa. What if you are actually married to one of them? A lot of girls dnt agree with me when i say a boyfriend is not an atm machine. I’ld choose a fine boy over a rich boy any day.Lol……. for real though, I like to think I’s a RIDE-OR-DIE girl 😀 (I read that in TNC too).
Ok, enough of mi blowing mi tiny trumpet. maybe I should just try to be a normal girl and try to have at least 2 boyfriends.hehehehe (I know you will kill me).
If you wanna listen to the clip i listened to and read the article, just go to

Big ups to the talented writers @TNC btw, they alwayssss make my day.

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