Eko o ni baje

Eko O Ni Baje: No Chance is better than One chance

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eko o ni baje

Hey darlings…..
Hope you have been fine. I haven’t been able to post aproko gist because my phone is bad and work has been crazy! I just thought to touch base today; I can’t even type plenty. I am not feeling fine, I need me some TLC. Okay, enough whining.

I was on my way to work when the man behind me was talking on his phone to somebody that he entered a ‘one chance’ bus the day before and all his stuffs were collected. I was weak! A friend of mine who was born and bred in Lagos doesn’t like entering totally empty buses or buses with majorly male passengers inside. I keep telling him that it is God that saves, though. If them mean you, you no go know! I have heard plenty stories of how they operate and they are scary mhen!

I was walking along Obalende road and I was stopped by one man to ask for Maloney street, I told the baba that I don’t know the place but he kept asking me and naming the exact company he was going to like I was supposed to know every building. I was still answering him when I remembered how they use ‘address asking’ to whisk people away. If you see the way I entered the next keke ehn! I didn’t even care that I was wearing a short gown and that my pant might have showed, I jejely jumped in. I was even more scared when I noticed the man walk close to a keke and back to me. He didn’t say anything to the keke driver but he came back to me and said, “he doesn’t know the place too”. I was weak! That was the main reason why I entered the keke in fear. I did not wait to find out his true intentions tho. May God help us in this Eko.

I am tired of typing biko, my body is shaking. Have a splendid weekend dearies, have sane fun.

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Thank you….mwah :*

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  1. deserter September 5, 2014 at 9:40 pm -  Reply

    u have to be on ur toes in lagos……no dulling

    • shughar September 7, 2014 at 8:57 pm -  Reply

      no be small thing

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