Diary of A Jobless Lagos Girl

Dear Diary

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Hi Shugharians,
How have y’all been? See ehn, as soon as I decided to name this serial, ‘Diary of a jobless lagos girl’, I became unusually busy. Like, the ‘joblessness’ disappeared. I wasn’t making money though, that’s the annoying part. lol

I tried to jot down all the gist sha. First of all, guys I have finally started my very own hair shop. It is called hairffiliation and I am soooo excited. Before you get too excited it’s just an online shop for now. But I do home service every once in a while. whoop I still can’t believe that I am a CEO. I love this boss feeling. Errrr, this doesn’t mean that I am not still looking for a job o. I need plenty money to actually open a shop.

Also…. I started co-hosting a show on radio, y’all. I am still learning but I am pretty excited about this opportunity because it is a serious radio station. BBC standards and all so no be beans. So, please tune in this night and every thursday night/friday morning from 1-5am. Yeah, it’s overnight. We talk about fun stuff. Things I know y’all would love to listen to. It is Nigeria info and the frequency is 99.3. You ca actually download the radio naija app if you are not in lagos to tune in too. Thanks in advance and I look forward to hearing from you guys.


Now to the aproko part………
That is how my sister and I were at home and we heard shouting outside. My tatafo sister went out and couldn’t get the right info. I sha went outside and saw people pushing one girl. Next thing, the gate man came in with a machete. That’s when I knew that ‘gbese re’ o; my gate man hardly ever gets angry. I had to tell him to drop the machete first because the mob was angry. Last last, someone carried the girl on his shoulder and practically threw her out of the compound.

The real gist is that, the girl just had an abortion for my neighbor; the fifth one, and there was some form of complication and she cannot get pregnant again. She was even bleeding when she came into the compound. Her problem is that the guy said it is over, after she had done five abortions for him. She was actually going to keep the last pregnancy but the baby was growing outside her womb so a D&C was necessary. Unfortunately, it was badly done. Now, this girl said she pays the oga’s house rent (my rent is not cheap p. It is a mini flat in gbagada) and all she wants is for him to love her and move in with her. She bit his pinkie finger in anger and ended up petting him after. This was after the said guy had beaten her black and blue, by the way. My neighbors also beat her too because she slapped the relative of the most troublesome woman in the compound. Now, let me blow your mind….. This girl that is the provider cum baby ‘mama’ is not the guy’s real chic! She is his side chic and I doubt that she knew that. I even heard that he makes the real chic cry when she visits. Now, this aproko was sweet as well as painful. The girl was beaten after having a badly done procedure which left her beaten. She lost the love of her life and her womb on the same day! If she goes to ifa to chant now, tell me why it will not work. Oh well, I feel bad for her but…..I kent epp
Moral of the story: USE PROTECTION if you cannot abstain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot overemphasize this. There are condoms, and numerous kinds of pills. Don’t give yourself unnecessary headache, biko. Especially for the ladies, na you get something to lose o. E go just waka leave you

Ehen o, my guy entered a one chance bus yesterday. It is a very funny story, I must confess. He sha came out unscathed. Thank God. I will gist you guys what happened on the next week episode, I am dozing as I am typing. Please, tune in to 99.3 by 1am this night o. Gracias.

Have a great weekend…..mwah!!!!

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