Broken String

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Hello, the purpose of this piece is to make you sing and love without holding back. I hope you like it. It

was inspired by music, and my sweetness Shughar (insert blush).


She mumbled to herself, “I sensed it; I wake up, I see you, as you leave. I feel it, I see it, as you leave.

When we kiss I want deep, but you are far away, bibanke b’omi ba n shan, fimisile, bibanke b’ojo ba

nro, fimisile.”

Ladele stood still while he awaited Ireti’s response to the bomb he had just dropped; he definitely didn’t

get the kind of reaction he wanted. He just told her he couldn’t continue with their relationship for no

particular reason; a six month relationship was ending without an explanation. Having observed few

minutes of silence Ladele decided to give it a push,

“Ireti please say something.”

She turned to face him with her arms folded; her gap tooth aided a gentle smile that was accompanied

by slow tears. Ladele reached out to hug her, but she hit his hands away as she let out deep moans with


The echo of Ireti’s whisper sent guilt into Ladele, he tried to talk but he couldn’t make sense of himself.

He took two steps away from her and all he could do was mutter;

“You remind me of a girl that I once knew, I see her face whenever I look at you, won’t believe all of

the things she put me through. This is why I just can’t get with you….”

Ireti gave him a surprise gaze and retorted, “a moment ago it seems just like yesterday. You were here

with me, and everything seems to be okay…you never took the time to know me, you never took the

time to understand that loving you is all I ever had.”

Ladele gasped for air in confusion, “I don’t want to leave, but I can’t stop seeing her in everything you

do, but, it’s so deep can’t think about giving it up, but I never knew love would feel like an heart

attack. It’s killing me, I swear I never cried so much, but I never knew love would hurt this bad…worst

thing that I ever had. I need more time to let her memory off my mind.”

Ireti ran into him and gave him a tight hug. She wasn’t prepared for this; it took her 14 months to bury

the memories of her previous relationship. It was filled with so much pain, despair and dehumanization.

Her Ex would beat then rape her. She finally found a consolation in Ladele; attention, love, and

commitment, but he wants a breakup because the memory of his own ex won’t quit haunting him. Ireti

knew she couldn’t afford to let him go, his fears shouldn’t debar her new found haven. It took Ladele 10

months to convince her, and now a breakup? She removed her hands from his neck, drew his head

closer and gave him a kiss before whispering,

“If I should die before I wake, its cos you took my breath away, losing you is like living in a world with

no air…. My world revolves around you and its soo hard for me to breathe”

“Ireti” Ladele called out softly,

“Yes?” she responded.

“The truth is, every time I try to leave, something keeps pulling me back, telling me I need you in my

life. Every time I try go, something keeps telling me that, everything will be alright, hmm… that

means we gat to make it work…” he said non-confidently.

“Ladele mi, you and I, we’ve been at it so long but still gat the strongest fire….Sometimes I feel like the

world is against me, the sound of your voice baby that’s what saves me. When I’m with you I feel so

invincible. Cos it’s us against the world, you and me against them all, us against the world Ladele.”

Ladele giggled and let out an ‘Hmm’, “Ireti, I love you, but I can’t trust myself with you.”

“What do you mean Ladele?” Ireti growled,

“Why are you so selfish? Stop thinking about you and think about us for a minute. I have been hurt too, I

am scared too, but I am ready to fight for us. Don’t be a coward Dele, let’s make this work.You only

need the light when it’s burning low, only miss the sun when it’s start to snow. You only know a lover

when you let her go, don’t let me go.”

At the sound of Ireti’s voice Ladele’s emotions melted, he took a deep breath and questioned her

calmly,“In sickness in health, for richer or poorer, would you be my friend? Will you bear my


“Ladele, whether na one naira, whether na one million, baby you gat me…. Whether or not you get

money, I’ll stay with you if you stay with me.”

Ladele dashed into the storeroom with heavy pants, Ireti followed wondering if she had said anything

wrong. He grabbed a carton, the one in which his Tiger generator came in, and started ransacking it. He

poured everything in it on the floor and picked up a plier and a wire. He began to strip the wire with the

plier, but Ireti couldn’t fathom what he was up to,

“Ladele, what is this?” she inquired. He pointed the wire at her face and responded,

“It is happening again. Several promises of staying with me and then they walk away without the

slightest publicity. Ireti tell me, let me hear it, are you sure you will stay with Me.” – he gazed into her

eyes as he ripped the stripped wire into smaller pieces – “if I go broke today will you stand by me?”

“Ladele whenever you feel like dancing, you don’t have to dance alone. You know, you should already

know, I choose you. You are making me scared. What’s with the wire?” Ireti queried.

“Ireti, I am sorry but I think I have to do this,”

“Do what?” Ireti asked nervously as Ladele bended the wire with the plier, after which he reached for a

spanner that was lying at his feet. He hit the curved wire with the spanner to give it a small circular

shape. When he was done he dropped the spanner and plier, and with soft tears rolling down his cheek

he said to her with trembling in his voice and on his knees,

“I don’t have a diamond, gold, silver or bronze ring. What I have is this ring I just made from a copper

wire. Ireti, I am in love with you, no use me catch cruise. I wan know if you go do, I gat one question

for you; are you gonna let me be the one….. Will you be my lover? Will you marry me?

Ireti screamed, “The heavens bear me witness. Yes I do, I will marry you. Yes!” she stretched forth her

hands and Ladele slipped his self made ring into her hands. He carried her to the sitting and placed her

on the couch. He grabbed the remote of his home theatre player and played his favourite track,

“You promised to always dance with me whenever I feel like dancing, can I have this dance?” she

jumped up from the couch and grabbed him as they tangoed to Niyiola’s Toh Bad.

The End.

*Writer’s note:

Everybody deserves a chance at loving again, give it to them. But most importantly, give yourself that

chance first. You will always live in the past if you carry with you memories from it. Forget about the

person who hurt you, think about the one who is ready to make up for your Ex’s messes. Without

pain/hurt, love will mean nothing. Pain/hurt makes you understand the concept of value and

commitment. Don’t judge your life/relationship by your past/Ex. This could be the start of something

new; when you love again, love wholeheartedly.

Characters’ words were lifted from the lyrics of the following songs, and accordingly.

  1. Asa – Bibanke

  2. Usher – You remind me

  3. Akon – Never took the time

  4. Trey songz – Heart attack

  5. Chris brown/Jordin sparks – No air

  6. Tyrese – pulling me back

  7. Westlife – us against the world

  8. Passenger – let her go

  9. Wande coal – Ololufe

  10. M.I – one naira

  11. Mario – I choose you

  12. Banky W – Yes/No

  13. Chris daughtry – Start of something good*

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That you Femi, for writing this awesome post on music. It totally exceeded my expectations. Gracias!

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    Nice write up, the songs fell in place and it was creative

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      Thank you Sintia. We appreciate

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