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Alcohol: Its benefits and risks

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Hope y’all are making good use of the holiday. The responses I got from the last Medical Corner post were hilarious and educating. Apparently, people don’t care about the health risks of oral sex, as far as they get the pleasure…….. tsk!!! Today’s post is also one that most of us can relate to. Please, read and learn. Don’t forget to share too. Thanks a lot and have an awesome week.

Alcohol is a part of many events, birthdays, weddings, dinners and in bars, nightclubs etc. It is just a part of celebration. For the thousands of years that people have taken alcohol, there have been debates on whether it is beneficial or harmful. I should state categorically that alcohol is a form of drug. When you see it that way, it will help your perspective on its use. And because alcohol is a drug, it has clear benefits & also may be abused and misused if one isn’t well informed about it. It’s good to state in clear terms that alcohol abuse is NOT same as alcoholism. Or even same as social drinking. Please note that someone is a social drinker does NOT mean the person is an alcoholic. It is unfair that people tag anyone that drinks an alcoholic.


Alcoholism is a destructive usage of alcohol that includes dependence on it, continuous increase in its use & inability to stay off it. A social drinker is one who takes alcohol on social occasions, or as a “tgif” routine and not as a part of his everyday life. Please note that alcoholism includes spending too much time/money to get drunk at all cost & continued use of it despite detrimental impact on one’s life. Before we go too far, I must say that while alcoholism is very extreme and requires urgent help, social drinking is neither beneficial. Like I said earlier, alcohol is beneficial but its so-called benefits does NOT lie in social drinking. And certainly not in alcoholism. In simple terms, there is a form of alcohol drinking that medically we may say is helpful and I will surely get to that very soon. Binge drinking (a form of social drinking) is where people stay off alcohol all week long & then get drunk every friday night, it is unhelpful. Please, do not misunderstand me. The “social drinking” that I say is unhelpful does NOT include people who drink little alcohol once in a while. The form of social drinking I say is unhelpful is the common “tgif” one where people stay off alcohol all week & then get drunk every friday.

As I was earlier saying, alcohol is a drug. It’s both a tonic & a poison. It can help if used rightly, and it may kill if used unwisely. Although it sounds lik a shocking message, drinking alcohol within medically safe limits on a daily basis may protect from heart disease. Equally, for someone with a heart disease already (eg hypertension) or with a very high risk for it, drinking alcohol may worsen things. So one can NOT give a blank statement on alcohol use for everyone. Advising someone on alcohol use/disuse then becomes individual-based. It is said that if you must drink alcohol, please, drink with moderation and within medically safe limits. The question now is “what is moderate”? BUT if you don’t drink, you don’t need to start. Exercise & a healthy diet will give you the same benefits that moderate drinking may give.
Possible medical benefits of alcohol includes prevention of heart disease, gallstones, ischemic stroke, diabetes & some forms of cancer. Like I said earlier, if you drink, please, drink moderately and within medical limits. If you don’t drink at all, you don’t need to start. Please note, moderate drinking, or medically-safe drinking, is “one drink a day” for women (and men >65yrs) and “two drinks a day” for men <65yrs old. Examples of “one drink” is 35cl of beer or 15cl of red wine or 5cl of vodka. This is what is medically safe for a woman on a daily basis. For men under 65yrs old, the medically safe level of drinking is 70cl of beer or 30cl of red/white wine or 10cl of vodka on a daily basis. If you notice, there’s NO way a man/woman will take the medically acceptable level of alcohol & ever get drunk but people exceed it always. However, like I said, there’s NO medical reason to say that every single person must take alcohol. Only that if you do, drink moderately. There are a few exceptions in which alcohol intake is a total no-no. If u are pregnant (or trying to be), or you have a heart disease, or a liver and a pancreatic disease, please, stay off alcohol. It’s for your own good. For the period of pregnancy, it is advisable that pregnant women stay off alcohol.

Alcohol may cause a stillbirth or a child with defects. If you have had a history of alcoholism, or a previous stroke, or you are hypertensive; it’s in your best interest to also stay off alcohol. The medical benefits of alcohol lies strictly in drinking moderately on a daily basis. Not in “turning up” & getting drunk every friday. Heavy, friday-night-only, “tgif” type of alcohol drinking is medically unhelpful. It is better to drink more moderately on a daily basis. Regular uncontrolled heavy drinking can lead to hypertension, stroke, liver damage, pancreatitis, kidney failure,suicide & sudden death. Therefore alcohol has its benefits provided one drinks moderately within medically safe limits, on a daily basis. Otherwise it can ruin.


P.S- Heavy drinking is taking more than 1 and half bottles of beer a day (for a woman), or taking more than 2 bottles of beer a day (for a man). Binge drinking is taking two bottles of beer within 2 hours as a woman, or taking 3 bottles of beer within 2 hours as a man. This is unhelpful. Based on the earlier definitions, both binge drinking and heavy drinking, which is the type we do at “turn up” “tgif” parties is dangerous.

Thank you for your time today.

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