Time to Kill

Time to Kill: Chapter 3

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<10. 13 p.m.>

Get in the car and drive!
We are going to find us some nice ass tonight.
A nice ass and biggggg, rouuuuund titties… titties I can squeeze and suck and ….
Do not forget that it is all abooooout the ass and the titties… I need me ass and tits tonight.

<10.14 p.m.>

The engine kicked into life first time, and the car moved out silently into the night. It crept out of the street and hit the popular Lagos-Ibadan expressway which it linked through Ikosi road, and from where it connected the Seven Up/Motorways link to connect Mobolaji Johnson all the way through towards Alausa. The drive was smooth and free as it should be at this time of the night, especially if you were heading to Ikeja from Ikosi-Ketu.

It was like driving on auto-pilot with no care in the world.

Yeah! Isn’t that a nice one?
Remember that song, don’t ya? That song by Lighthouse Family, don’t ya?
And I, I wanna run, away with you I, I wanna run, away wit’ you Wanna get a car, just drive away Lookin’ at the view, and listenin’ to tunes

Nice song …very nice. We are going to do almost the same thing tonight, boyo!
Me and you, you and I… have fun tonight.

The drive to Allen Avenue didn’t take more than 10 minutes, the night was dark and the streets were a blur. Nothing registered… nothing took any recognizable shape as the car went through streets that were barely lit and half-asleep… nothing mattered.

Yes boyo! Nothing else should matter more than getting us a nice ass and titties to play with tonight.

You know the kinds I want? Yea, they are the same kinds you always wanted too. Firm, no frills and no extra trimmings. The ass should sit jes’ right… no fluffy, plumpy things for us, boyo… yes. We like ‘em hard, trim and with no frills and trimmings.

Don’t you worry boyo, we’re gonna av us some real man’s fun tonight. Nothing like the wanking, stinking and wholesomely unsatisfactory sessions ye av two to three times every week. No sah!!! Tonight, we go for the reallieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!

The beam of the headlamps caught the red dress, hemmed around pretty legs before the full body of the woman wearing it came into view. She was pretty and …

She will do!
Stop the fucking car nooooooow!!!

The car skidded to a stop a few meters from her. It idled as the emergency lights flashed once, twice then she got the message and began to move towards the car. Short, nice, graceful steps…

You got good eyes, boyo! Ye saw that too didn’t yer? Yea, I saw it too … nice titties and a nice ass to go with the body.
She will do alright.
Now, don’t ye be avin’ no funny ideas, boyo. We are gonna get ‘er in the car… and ye will make sure she gets in the car… whichever way ye can.
Get her relaxed and we three gonna av us a great lil’ partyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

“Good evening sir,” she sounded and looked tired.
“Good evening. I saw you standing over there tired and seemed like you needed a lift. Where are you headed? Maybe, I can help you along the way.”

“Yes sir. I am going home. I am heading towards Surulere…,” her eyes shifted round to the back. It was an unconscious security check on her part. Her eyes looking for any other passengers and in her mind already calculating the dangers of accepting a lift from a stranger at –

The clock on the dashboard winked 10.25 p.m.

“Nothing to be worried about Miss… pardon me, I guess you are married? I will take you all the way to Maryland. Is that fine?” That seemed to help make her mind up, she nodded her head and got into the car.

Good boy!!!
Very good boy!!!

The car kicked back into life and it drove away into the night, with a pretty lady clad in a red dress inside.

The body was discovered in a black disposable bag, set against the fence by the canal. It was discovered by a resident who was out early on his way to work. The suspicious looking red liquid which shimmered in the beam of light shot by his small torchlight had triggered alarm in his head, and upon closer observation his suspicion was confirmed and he had duly reported his find.

Now, some forty-five minutes after the first report of the crime was logged by the resident, Sergeant Inspector Tunji Adimu was standing at the scene of the discovery with three other technicians from the forensic and pathology department of Force V of the Police Special Crimes Investigation unit. It was a new department set up by the police department to investigate special crimes. The unit had recorded a measure of success in the short time it had been established, in a society that was still very much unaccustomed to such serious crimes.

This was going to be the first, Sgt. Tunji thought to himself as he stood looking at his men collect evidence from the scene. The evidence from the scene of the crime was the worst and goriest they had ever encountered. The bag, with the cut up body parts had since been removed but the picture was imprinted in his mind’s eye.

The removal of the body bag was the first thing they did after taking the photographs and logging the evidence and its location. It was essential to do that considering how many people had gathered at the scene since it was first discovered and the ghastly sight of the blood seeping out of the bag, like those that seep from bags stuffed with meat at the abattoir.

Tunji took one last look at the crime scene and satisfied with the level of work done, and the amount of evidence, as little as it was, gathered he went over to his car. He needed to begin to piece together all that had happened. This is a new one and from all he had seen, it was going to be the dirtiest he had ever investigated.

She didn’t understand why people got on her case so much. It was not a must to have a man and she got irritated when people, her parents back in Uyo most especially, got involved in her private life. Recently, it looked like everyone was overly interested in her sex and private life. Talk was going on about and around her, she saw the looks she got from her colleagues, from clients and from strangers on the streets. She was aware of the attention she got from the male folks, but she had never really had any serious relationship. She had never really been long with a guy and now, she doesn’t see any who can fit into her spec of the kind of guy she wants.

But, people talk. Spiteful, hateful and in only rare cases empathetic talk. Even today, she had overheard some of the babes at the office talking about her in the restroom. When she got in, she pretended like she hadn’t heard their allusions to the likelihood she was a lesbo. However, she enjoyed seeing how embarrassed they were and how eager they were to get out of the restroom.

Let them talk. She doesn’t care about that.

Her parents however were a different kettle of fish. They have upped the pressure on her – parents are always trying to make us into something we don’t want to be. They called her last week and were quizzing her about when she was going to bring her potential husband home. They had expressed their desire to see and carry grandchildren before they die.

Somehow, she had escaped that session with the help of a bad network connection. But, she knew they were becoming even more insistent these days than they ever had been before. She was, in their eyes, not growing young.

She just hoped she would be left alone. Men held no appeal for her. They had never stood a chance and she thought ruefully, never would. She can’t be bothered by what people say about her.

She didn’t need a man in her life, and no woman either. Somehow, right from her days at Unilag she had been able to ward off the male and female attention. She was beautiful, she knew that, but she had no interest in the things the girls and the guys had interest in. Her whole being and purpose seemed to have been overtaken by something else, something bigger than her and any man or woman.

Her views on life and lifestyle changed.

Now, she knows in the deepest reaches of her heart that no man or woman would ever satisfy her sexually. She had tried a few attempts at normalizing her life, tried a few dates which had ended massively disappointing, so she had stuck to what she knew – that she always found sexual satisfaction from doing it herself.

It had sounded crazy at first, but she had grown into it.

What still baffled her, even from back then in school, is the spells of nothingness she experienced before and during her ‘sex therapy sessions’. She hardly remembered, only that she wakes to a feeling of utter relaxation and ultimate satisfaction from her masturbating sessions.

But, it was good enough for her. She needed no man, none could give her that feeling. And if no man could, no woman ever would be able to.

She looked across her desk, the other girls and guys in the room were busy with something or the other – most likely, Facebook or Twitter. She opened her twitter account, and took a picture with the laptop webcam. She attached the picture to a blank tweet box, paused for a minute to consider her thoughts then hunched forward and began to type –

Life is beautiful, so am I.

She leaned back, grinned at her composition then hit the send button.

That picture should make some guy go crazy in the toilet… those ones whose jobs it is to stalk TLs and check out picture galleries. The picture she just posted should feed their imagination some more.

She knew she had such effects on men… and women.

She chuckled as she logged out of her account.

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