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Hi people. Today is the seventh and last day of the #sayNoToRape campaign brought to you by #bloggersville. I am sure that you have learnt a lot. We have three posts today but I’d merge two and make the posts two. :) ………….Please read, comment and share. THank you for sticking with us through the campaign. God bless you.


I live amongst you, we wine and dine together. As supposed human beings we have thoughts limited to us, but what are your thoughts about me as of mine to you?
In the sanity of my quietness I create the insanity of my actions. I watch them provocatively dressed, the well dressed are not left out of it as I imagine the sight of the unseen. I crave for squeezing those boobs and making their ass clap with the spank from my thrust. As long as you are a woman, you are a prey.
The devil, the evil in me is what they do not see. The coward, the bastard that I am is what they have no knowledge of.
So I pounce on them, one by one like a serial killer. I devour them, time after time like a timekeeper making sure nothing passes him by. I watch them helpless, I love when they scream, it propels me when they beg. I crave for violence of that of body, mind and soul. I am feminine destruction.
I know, I am aware and I don’t need to be told; I am a curse, a demon that has a ready plan of blaming the devil if caught. I am a beast, a predator hunting for preys. I am what the sound of the words “No, please don’t do it” feels more like “carry on, am loving it”. I am heartless,…. I am Rape.

Written by Fowe Adetoye @hotsaucestillz



Why didn’t you tell anybody?
Why didn’t you run?
If it was me, I would have slapped him.

All these words kept hitting me from all angles, I wanted to scream.
I was the one that was affected, yet no one cared to know if I was fine.
I could silently hear them hinting that I should just have kept it all to myself.
I could hear myself on the inside saying over and over
‘I am the victim here’
But as usual I sucked it all in.
If you are reading this, don’t judge me.
I kept it all because I was raised to respect the elders
I was raised to recognize that the elders are never wrong
I was raised to never correct their wrong
I was raised to accept their wrong as right
I was raised to be seen and not heard
I was raised to never have an opinion.
Is it a culture attributed to only Africa or Nigerians?
I cannot tell.
So I am forced to keep mum and I did for 10 years.
I was taught that sex was a sin
I was taught never to look at a man.
I was taught to submit like a woman so that I would find a good man
But alas my sex organ were awoken
A little touch on my butt
A little squeeze on my breast.
And then it became agressive…
All the while I was in shock…
He is a father figure.
His love for me is just like that of my dad’s
Or maybe it was a mistake, and he didn’t mean it.
But is it not without my consent?
No it is wrong, but who do I tell?
I have reached the age of puberty, so maybe my mind is playing tricks
Or maybe my hungry desire to have a boyfriend is causing me to think thus
And so the mind game went.
My sister lay beside me one day and I whispered… “he touches me in a funny way”.
“He plays with my thing in a funny way. I bled today”
A hot slap and a warning to never repeat such
So I became mute.
I learnt the opposite sex, my peers, my seniors, my fathers: all love me.
Some want more but I cannot commit.
Confidants, best friends, bread givers
But I cannot commit.
I lost the power to love when he toyed with my genitals
Still I had principles…sounds impossible but it is true.
Despite the foreplay, my virginity remained sealed
That’s the rule at home.
I cannot be the exception.
So even though I am chaste, I am not.
God hates such and so in fear I trembled any time the males came close
A kiss and straight to the priest I go
I must confess lest I rot in hell.
They knew my life story…he did too
And so he waited till the time was right.
He took me and I refused
He took me and I screamed
He took me and I was naked
He too me and it was not with my consent.
He took me and I was voilated
He took me and I am no more a child
The act is done.
I don’t need to add by force
But this time I speak up.
The human spirit was made to thrive
So I speak up
Only this time I am lashing
I am angry
All I was taught was faulty
I drove prospects and invited suspects
I speak up and I find only hate
I speak up and still I cannot commit
The wound is deep
The scars have refused to heal.
I am not more a child, even at 25.
In my community he goes unpunished
But there is too much anger in me
But who do I blame?
My family, my community, or my religion?
All summoned me to keep shut.
I am a bitter leaf, but who do I blame?

I shared it with a friend, who tells a friend of a friend
And like wildfire everyone knows.
And once again I am at fault.
So I sit here quietly
Quietly wondering what my offense is.
Their voices begin to drown out my thoughts
But not before I asked myself.
“Do you want my younger ones to go through this?”
Hell no!
The silence is over
I will say no to RAPE!


Written by Tope Olofin
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