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I am tired of writing stories as intros. lol. Just let me explain what this post is about. A while ago, I asked a couple of people to write a post on ‘music’. Most of them felt the topic was too vague but a few people came up with posts that blew my mind. I’d be posting them over the next couple of days. I know you will enjoy them. I was to write too but my brain has refused to work with my fingers. lol. Enjoy the awesomeness that they have come up with. Thanks for writing for me, guys. The awesomeness of your posts made me have writer’s block. lol

Every writer has a particular addiction which he indulges in to attract the Goddess of Inspiration (Muse) to bed with him in order that he might spew piquant lines of poetry or rousing passages of prosaic essays as the case may be. To some, it is soul-edifying music, while others need to engage in long hours of pensive philosophising and staring at blank walls. To some others, it may be food. The mind is the most productive when the body is well fed. And to those who are adept in the proficient art of imagery, they feed on real life experiences and everyday occurrences.

This present writer falls into the foremost category of those who plug their ears with earphones in order to flirt with the goddess of inspiration. When the mind is in a relaxed mode, with cool tunes flowing from the headphones, the writer slips into the imaginary world where the senses are left free to roam on a journey of self-discovery, reaching beyond the limits of its capacity, in a bid to connect with the Muse. With the tones flowing into the ears, the writer is drawn into a search for self-realisation, and a subsequent desire to be drawn into the warm embrace of the Goddess Muse.

When she is finally found, the writer nods his heads in acquiescence of his submission to the congruence between the music and the Muse’s inspiration, which washes the writer into its warm embrace. By the time the writer is done with his reverie, the story or poem is ready. And an unforgettable trifle with the Goddess Muse is set.

Now, it is important to note that the Computer Law of Garbage In/Garbage Out applies herein. When a writer in an attempt to have an encounter with the Goddess Muse decides to listen to trash in the guise of music, there is no doubt that the resultant effect would be akin to a PDP-inspired attempt to liken the former President to Jesus Christ. The quality of the inspiration determines the quality of the output. One cannot compare the effect of getting drunk on Champagne to that of getting drunk on cheap Alomo. The speed at which the Alomo guzzler would be flung at the nearest transformer is sufficient to establish that. Same analogy can be attributed to music and writing.

Hence, having thus established the irrevocable nexus between good music and literature, one cannot but adduce that musicians do indeed owe their listeners a duty of care to ensure that whatever they release is capable of insinuating great acts of valors. In the Middle Ages, when battles were fought and won with spears, arrows, and crossbows, there was usually a company of musicians who accompanied the warriors into battle to spur them to victory with their trumpets and sonorous ballads. In fact, the words which the soldier heard just before charging into the battle zone were very instructive in gearing his mind-set towards victory. One can therefore imagine what horrendous outcome will be the result poor lyricism.

Back to the present, when battles are fought on the sporting ground and football fields, the supporters club of a football team are in the habit of spurring their team to victory with chants and tunes which will draw their players into a beat stepping frenzy, making them enter a spirit dance that would facilitate easy dribbling of all the opponents on the field. To those who are familiar with the art of football, once one has entered into the much revered zone, he is in a spirit dance with his ancestors and he sees nothing other than his desired target, and hears nothing but the chants and echoes of music around him.

Music has played, and is still playing a great role in setting up dates with the Goddess of Inspiration.

The different genres of music do indeed have their different purposes of setting one up with different destinies. We have divergent songs to suit the tune of the soul at each particular moment. When one has clinched or attained a particular achievement, there is the celebration songs which sets the mood for easy popping of champagne. When one has just had an encounter with the harbingers of sorrow, there is the mournful tune which ease the drowning of grief with cigarettes and alcohol. When one is trying to woo a lady whose heart has affixed in a spell of amorous attraction, he resorts to the use of alluring tunes which is carefully calculated at drawing the woman into the embrace of his arms. And of course, there is the crazy mad beat that is meant for those who have a dream to be interred in the Psychiatric Ward of Yaba Left.

The importance of music in contemporary society cannot be over emphasized. There is also a corresponding need for producers of music and artistes to ensure they do not rupture our eardrums with sorrowful tunes which sometimes sound like the pathetic wailings of masquerades. Although there seems not to be a regulatory body which censures the release of songs into the society (it would indeed be nice if we had such a body), it is left to the good conscience of artistes, songwriters and producers to keep us inundated with good music.

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