Eko o ni baje

Eko O Ni Baje: Things are happening

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eko o ni baje
Hey loves,
How is your day going? Mine has been good o, just stressful. No long thing today, straight to the post.

I got to my bus stop last night and noticed that people were gathered at different spots and they were all looking sober. I asked the bike man that carried me and he said a boy was knocked down as he was crossing the road. The boy died and the driver did not stop. It was especially sad because there is a pedestrian bridge at that bus stop and there are security me there 24/7.

Lagosians have a way of not adhering to set rules and regulations. I use the road once in a while when I am lazy but it is when I do not see any oncoming vehicle. That boy’s mother was probably waiting for him not knowing that he is dead. Please, let us use the pedestrian bridges; they were built for our safety. Let us also tell our family and friends the same thing. You might say it happened because he was a child but I have heard of an adult that died the same way. Please, take heed. I don’t even encourage running across roads because anything can happen.

A friend of mine was on his way to the bank when he was stopped by a guy that was asking for directions. He told him that he didn’t know the place and continued walking. Immediately, a woman materialised beside him and the guy asked her too. She said she doesn’t know and she directed him to a guy that she called a police officer. My friend was still walking and the ‘officer’ called him. He answered and the guy flashed an ID in front of him to prove his identity since he was on mufti Next thing he asked my friend if the guy was begging him for money and my friend said no. The woman was still there o.

The ‘officer’ then took all of them to meet his ‘colleague’ who is in charge of Tinubu square. They got to that one and he claimed to know the direction asking guy as a prophet. That one now said it is true, that he can tell my friend and the woman the member of their families that is the cause of their problems. He asked them to drop all their belongings and go to a junction and pray. The woman quickly dropped everything and left. They were thinking that my friend will do the same. He just shouted at them and entered the bank. lol.

Things are happening in this our Lagos sha!!!!!!!

Have a splendid evening darlings……mwah!!!!

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  1. dreamer August 28, 2014 at 2:16 am -  Reply

    i love my kontiry people,pls always use the pedestrian bridge,i always do too

    • shughar September 1, 2014 at 10:08 am -  Reply

      you???? use bridge???? since when? lol

  2. elsieisy August 27, 2014 at 6:38 pm -  Reply

    Lmao. Is this for real or a joke?

    • shughar September 1, 2014 at 10:07 am -  Reply

      veryyyy real sef. lol

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