Be an asset, not a liability!

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Hey darlings!!!!
How are y’all doing? Hope your holiday was as fulfilled as mine. I am not posting an audio post today; i didn’t have time to talk. Lol.

Today, you and I are going to talk(type). I was with two guys over the weekend and one of the topics of their discussion was a very interesting one. They were talking about girls and what they have to offer a man. In the cause of the gist, i realised that a number of points they raised made serious sense. Now, the guys in question are not children, neither are they jobless or mediocre people. I am pointing these out now because some people (girls) might say they are not serious or them never ready.

So, these guys were talking about different girls they know or have been with that have ‘fish brain’. They didn’t use those words but I have to explain it to you, the best way I can. Apparently the skills some girls possess is domestication! Like, seriously????? I am talking about graduates o. How can you spend a number of years in a higher institution and your goal/dream is to be a domestic wife? In this 21st century? With women like Angelina Jolie buying their men islands and wrist watches that can buy a country???? How mediocre can you get?

See ehn, it is goats, chickens and fishes that are domesticated o. When that man met you, did he tell you that he was looking for a house help or a washer woman? shebi he was looking for a help mate or a companion? How do you expect to be a good companion when you don’t even know half of what he knows? One of the guys in question is an avid reader; how in the world is he supposed to have a fun relationship with someone that doesn’t like reading? Even if it is not always, once in while. Wouldn’t you like to engage in meaningful conversations once in a while? abi it is Kim K and Linda Ikeji that you want to be gossiping about day in, day out?

I am not trying to say you have to be a graduate to think this way o. As a matter of fact, it’s the women that did not even reach university level that are the real hard workers. Some people will say there are no jobs in the country, I agree. Start a business! Even if it is to knack kpali and start selling okrika, start it ooo. No man likes a dependent woman; even if they like to form that they like footing your bills. It might be sweet when you guys are still dating but when you get married, it becomes a burden. That is why you see him following his secretary. She is a worker! He would rather add a chunk to her money than give you the peanuts you want.

The ones that believe that their food can make the man not cheat nkor? That is when you will see that food is not the man’s problem(it never is). Men have evolved o; the way to their hearts is not their stomach again. It is what they see and hear that counts. I watched a movie a while ago. The lady used to wear skimpy clothes and use make up when they were dating, she stopped all that after they got married. As a matter of fact, the man even complained about her panties. He met her wearing thongs and after the wedding, she switched to dros. Of course, he started cheating on her when he met a skimpily dressed shawty. He was even nice because he kept complaining, most men won’t.

The most stupid set of ladies are the ones that think they can keep their man because they are perfect in bed! First of all, not all men are sex freaks. Secondly, there will always be someone better than you. In fact, they might not even be better o but she probably knows about the ISIS crisis more than you do and so he would keep talking to her about important things and then one day, gbam! E don happen.

I am not saying all men cheat o but like my friend said, it is in them; Just look for the one that will not rub it in your face. My aim is to ginger you to make yourself the kind of woman that only a mad man will cheat on. Do not give him any reason to cheat!!! Even T.I the musician sang about mediocre babes. The guy said that he doesn’t “want no mediocre”. I am sure he was subbing those groupies that hop around him. Are you telling me that you are hotter than them? Sometimes i see a hotttt man married to a bleh woman; e dey vex me but like I always say, e get why. You will even be surprised that those men won’t cheat. no be juju o, the woman has made herself irreplaceable and so there is nothing else the man needs outside.

Some of you want to marry an academic scholar and you cannot read and write (even after bagging a 1st class degree). Help yourself by learning how to talk with intelligence. You can learn how to read and write too, of course. Some of you know that the man you want to marry likes clubbing and you will be forming “i trust him to go alone”. Better wear that hot dress and go and twerk for your man in the club. If you don’t, someone else will.

I am not saying men don’t have their own quanta. I am also not saying you should live your life for a man but the truth must be said. Queen Bey, the feminist leader is married and in her husband’s house. That should tell you something. Give yourself brain biko

My dear sistren, instead of wasting your time and money on clothes and shoes, get certificates! Attend trainings, learn something, acquire skills. Domestic duties alone don’t trip no man….work!!! Except if the man gives you a cogent reason not to. Do not be a liability biko, be an asset. Real men don’t like liabilities!!!

N.B- I know for a fact that my subscribers don’t need this message. Please, help me drop comments so people can read and learn too. I don’t know it all, infact, I hardly know anything. Also, please share so that other people can learn. Thank you very much…mwah!

QUOTE: “To whom brain is given, sense is expected”– Someone

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  1. loner October 8, 2014 at 12:24 pm -  Reply

    @elsie I’m kissing you from here with my sweet lips,u said it all,as a man my dear,to be truthful,to please me u don’t need to be all smart and brilliant,you just need to understand me,that’s all,ladies u can get all the certs and books but never let it get into ur head,I’m not saying don’t get them,I not sayng don be up to date,I’m not saying don’t be independent,I’m just saying don’t let it get to ur head,man is Always the head,you r not meant to compete with him,u r to be a companion,I know a list of ladies who have all the certs,smart,independent classy but crying for husbands,they had a competitive mentality,couldn’t submit to a man,the Bible says SUBMIT,not COMPETE,this is one of the reasons marriages crash my dear.
    I’m a man of the 21st century,my stomach is still the way to my heart,your sex won’t make me marry you,your submission level will make me marry you,God created we men to be kings,any woman who treats her man as a king will be treated as a queen.
    Be wise my dear Ladies,be smart too.
    Nice piece.

  2. www.elsieisy.com October 8, 2014 at 11:13 am -  Reply

    Nicely written.
    But I’ll say, ‘one man’s food is another man’s poison’
    A lady gets a degree and she feels her next main target in life is to get married and keep a home, I don’t have a problem with it. I wouldn’t want to delve into where their decisions have been drawn from but I’ve learnt to understand that every one is entitled to whatever kind of life they choose for themselves.
    Sncerely, maybe I would be very mad at any woman who doesn’t have goals and vision or isn’t a hardworker last year but today, I smile and let dem be. And I expect everyone to let me be too when I say I would love to get married at the right time to the right person and have an. Awesome family but I’ve a career I want to work on for now. I wouldn’t necessarily call dem fish brain. Its the life they have chosen to live. Let dem be.
    As for the guys that are complaining, my dear shugar, ask dem to ans u with their church mind, they would have seen a lady who is absolutley all what dey need but just cos a ‘want’ iis missng dey tell u they can’t get serious.
    I’m already typing too much and can’t even say all I wantto here but all am sayng is – if u like fufu, look for who likes fufu with u. If u like eba look for who likes eba with u.
    Stop judging people by your own standards. We all live in different worlds in our head.
    I’m a lady, single at the moment, not cos I don’t have guys onmy case. But cos I would love. To date or marry someone wth like interest and reasoning and most importantly, someone who would always make me be on my toes, someone who will be 2 steps ahead of me and intelligent.
    That I have my spec doesn’t mean someone else won’t date someone I said No to and be happy.

    Dear guys and girls, please stop the complaints already and look for your own. Mr. Or Mrs compatible. She no get sense, person go still like her senselessness like that.

    Have u forgotten there are men who want housewives only? Yes! There are! In ths 21st century! Yes!

    So find your level and if u want to date an intellgent guy be nteligent. Shekena.
    I don go!!

    • shughar October 8, 2014 at 11:18 am -  Reply

      “all am saying is – if u like fufu, look for who likes fufu with u. If u like eba look for who likes eba with u.
      Stop judging people by your own standards. We all live in different worlds in our head.” this summarizes all I was trying to say. My own is sha, when you choose someone, be the best you can be for the person or someone will help you augument.
      This is probably your longest comment on shughar. lol…. Thank you dear.

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