Adam&Eve Twitter series: Overcoming The Fear Of Commitment (Part 2)

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Holding on to past emotional, mental, physical abuse, or being deeply hurt by a friend are common causes of depression. LET IT GO!

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We continue our discussion on making marriages and relationships better focus on OVERCOMING THE FEAR OF COMMITMENT

Last week we examined reasons why people fear commitment. if you missed it you can read up now.

I mentioned that one of the ways to overcome the fear of commitment is by not dwelling on the past. By dwelling on the past, we participate in keeping the wound fresh and unable to heal. Let go and forge ahead.

Holding on to past emotional, mental, physical abuse, or being deeply hurt by a friend are common causes of depression. LET IT GO!

The Past has nothing good to offer, it only weighs one down. Let God heal you of all hurts and allow yourself to heal too.

Another way of overcoming the fear of commitment is by IDENTIFYING WHY YOU ARE AFRAID OF COMMITMENT.

You need to understand clearly what frightens you about commitment and why. You need your issues/ concerns carefully addressed. Some people are afraid of commitment because they don’t want to feel “trapped” as they fear losing their “freedom”.

The fear is not relationship/marriage. It’s fear of not being free. As it is with issues in life, running isn’t the way.

Once you identify the reason, CONFRONT IT! If you wait to make a commitment when you are free of doubts, it will never happen.

Confront your fears, Take steps towards what frightens you, and reassure your spouse on your commitment to your relationship/marriage.

Remember that running away from what you fear would not make it go away but empower its grip over you.

Another way to overcome this fear is by SURROUNDING YOURSELF WITH POSITIVE PEOPLE who encourages you when fear shows up.

These people will help when the time comes and it’s important to make commitments even though some fears and doubts remain.

You need help in knowing how to recognize this point and encouragement to move ahead.

You’ll need help when you just get tired wondering if the commitment thing is even worth it or you just need a pat on the back.

Also feed your mind with positiveness, say to yourself, I am committed to my relationship/marriage, I love my spouse.

Confess the results you want to see in your relationship/marriage and see it happen.

Lastly, commitment is not a restrain, trap, and all we have associated with it. Commitment actually leads to greater freedom.

Series by @PastorBolaji

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